About Me

Hi, Everyone.

I'm Taylor. I'm an artist currently living in Appleton, WI. I grew up here and recently moved back for several reasons. I'll go in to those reasons at some other point. I've lived in Chicago, IL, Madison, WI, Seattle, WA, and St. Paul, MN. And yet I still ended up in Appleton. Says something, right? Maybe it's more about me than the places I lived. I wander. I explore. I get antsy and fidgety. 

Anyway, I went to art school a few times. I paint robots, boobs, dogs, and whatever other nerdy stuff comes to mind. 

Hit me up for commissioned work at taylor@taylorwinder.com

Follow my youtube channel to watch my ramblings - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5HsgoizCGCb5K33SrfcxKA

Follow me on instagram. I post pics of art and my dog Waffles, mostly - https://instagram.com/taylorwinder

Thanks for checking out my site!

Contact me for any website or order issues at either taylor@taylorwinder.com or 608-332-1613.