1. Super duper!


  2. He didn’t care what they said, he liked his new toe ring. 


  3. In space, no one makes fun of Death’s tiny legs. 


  4. Barry.


  5. Hi, everybody!


  6. Autopilot.

    It’s been a while, internets. Sorry. I’m in the process of relocating and all that. My brainbox is mush.


  7. Serious Business.

    Everything’s serious on the internet.


  8. Emptybot.

    Kind of relevant today.


  9. Boobs, Briefly. 

    Happy Tuesday!


  10. Just a quick little sketch for today. 


  11. Monster Child.

    The beginning little nugget of an idea. Possibly inspired by my current living situation.


  12. Feeding Time.

    I’m hungry. Somebody bring me some fried chicken.


  13. Mad Bunny.


  14. The Yellow King.

    I’m nothing if not a trend-following bastard.


  15. Hat Trick.